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Picking A Design Company in Redding CA

What should you look for in a design company? User Friendliness | Mobile Friendliness One of the most frustrating experiences as a user is to go to a company’s website on your mobile phone and then have to pinch and pull on your screen to read the text. Google calls this being ‘mobile-friendly’. There is

SEO Best Practices in Redding CA

SEO Best Practices in Redding CA For businesses that are in Redding, California, SEO might have a big question mark above it. So, what is SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimization, and there are right and very wrong ways to go about it. I’d like to go over some of the best practices that

Monthly Website Support in Redding CA

Monthly Website Support  Peace of mind is knowing there is a professional that will always be there anytime you need them. With the help of a professional website maintenance company, you will be able to focus on your team and business. Next Level Web Design specializes in monthly web maintenance services which include 24/7 support

What you need to know about business websites in Redding CA

When it comes to websites in Redding CA, businesses have traditionally had a few options… Hire an agency that will charge them 5-10k or more to design a website. Hire a freelancer online who will do a 1x project fee of 2k – 5k. Hire a graphic designer who thinks they can develop websites but

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