Social Media Ads

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Objective: Increase quality online traffic, expand brand presence, and generate online leads. Create an intuitive and engaging online experience that results in more conversions. Provide an essential ‘hands-free’ solution. We will be your partner. These services are a DONE-FOR-YOU solution. They will require minimum input or direction – besides the usual seasonal highlights, promotions, etc.

Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook | Instagram
  • Company Social Media Analysis & Setup
  • Custom Graphic Design/ Imagery
  • Ad development
    • Static Images 
    • Copy
    • Landing page(s)
    • Video
  • Monthly Reporting & Insights
  • 1-2 Targeted Ads – Ad Management & Monthly Changes

Management requires 30% of budget with a minimum of $400 per month.

Why use Social Media Ads?

These ads provide an immediate way to begin targeting your audience. You are able to be very specific in the demographics of your audience to ensure that you are getting the highest quality traffic back to your website.

Recommended starting budget – $20-25 per day.

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