What you need to know about business websites in Redding CA

When it comes to websites in Redding CA, businesses have traditionally had a few options…

  • Hire an agency that will charge them 5-10k or more to design a website.
  • Hire a freelancer online who will do a 1x project fee of 2k – 5k.
  • Hire a graphic designer who thinks they can develop websites but ends up costing more than an agency and takes twice as long.

We all know the names of the “big boy agencies” here in Redding, BUT what are you getting besides the big-boy-pricing? I work with a lot of agencies across the US providing contract monthly support for their clients. SO, I would say that you are paying for a structure or a system. You know you don’t want the craigslist guy who disappears for weeks at a time, so your only other option is to hire an agency so at least you know that someone will answer the phone (maybe). You’re supporting American jobs, yay! But what is the increased value for you as the client? I’ve found in many cases that these big agencies are middle-men that have administrative gifts to outsource your work efficiently while taking the lion share of the project fee. I think it’s a brilliant business model! All sorts of industries use the same model, but I’m asking the question about the client – specifically in Redding…

We’ve found a better way.

The average small business that we’ve worked with are faced with these hurtles to getting the stunning new website they need for their business:

  1. Working Capital – many small business owners simply don’t have the extra 5-10k for a premium website.
  2. Contracts – small business owners are rarely the benefactors of contracts, and agencies love contracts.
  3. Trust – small business owners like to work with people they can trust, and many times like to talk with the same person.

So here’s what Next Level Web Design has come up with to fill the gap for web design in Redding CA:

Monthly Pricing

  • NEW Website | Fully designed
  • Premium Hosting
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) For Speed
  • Security & Malware protection + Recovery
  • WordPress Core Updates (patches & security)
  • Theme & Plugin Updates (patches & security)
  • Browser & Platform Compatibility
  • Daily Backups + Recovery
  • Content Updates
  • Optional Google Analytics Reporting

What about trust?

We answer our phones, respond to emails, will meet you for coffee, and work with you on a personal basis. You’ll have a dedicated contact for your company that you will be able to speak with whenever you need. The fact that we don’t do contracts speaks to the need for us to maintain integrity and quality of service. If we don’t do what we say, you don’t have to stay. We want to earn your business.

Call us today to chat about your business needs. OR try our LIVE CHAT!


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